Fastest Way to Get Permanent Residency in Canada – Lady Reveals Secrets, It Stuns Many

A lady with TikTok handle @seyicanada has brought the attention of many to the increasing popularity of Canada’s Express Entry program among people aspiring for permanent residency in the country.

The program, touted for its speed and simplicity, offers the potential to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency in as little as six months.

The Express Entry process begins with the creation of a profile, requiring candidates to undergo language exams and obtain an education credential assessment.

According to @seyicanada, a high score in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is crucial for success.

Additionally, individuals educated outside Canada must complete an Education Credential Assessment (ECA), with the most popular service being the World Education Services (WES).

Once these requirements are met, candidates can enter the Express Entry pool.

Factors such as education, language proficiency, work experience, adaptability, and even familial connections in Canada contribute to a candidate’s overall score.

Candidates can further boost their chances by earning an additional 600 points through a provincial nomination, a significant advantage in the invitation process.

@seyicanada emphasizes the accessibility of the Express Entry program, noting that entering the pool is free of charge.

The process includes the submission of necessary documents, medical and security checks, and payment of required fees after receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.

Expressing concern that this path is overlooked due to a lack of understanding, @seyicanada stresses that the Express Entry program stands as one of the most straightforward routes to achieving permanent residency in Canada.

She highlights the importance of seizing the opportunity by creating an Express Entry profile, completing language exams, obtaining an ECA, and ensuring at least one year of skilled work experience.

In her words;

“One of the most straightforward paths to permanent residency in Canada. Sadly this path is being ignored by lots of people simply because they don’t understand it and this is permanent residency through express entry.

“You can get express entry permanent residency in only 6 months but the first thing you need to do is create an express entry profile. To create an express entry profile, you have to actually do the English exams that is IELTS and you need to aim to score very high.

“Then if you schooled outside of Canada, you need to do your education credential assessment, which is the ECA. The most popular one is WES, so you need to send your education credentials to WES to actually complete that so once you have your ECA completed and you have your IELTS and you have at least one year of skilled work experience, you can actually get into what is called the express entry pool.

“Express entry is a points based system, which means you actually need to score a certain amount of points or scores called the CRS course for you to be invited to permanent residence. What forms those course is your education, your IELTS course, your education credentials, if you have relatives in Canada, your adaptability scores and also scores for your spouse if your spouse is applying along with you also want them to contribute to your point. “You can also get 600 extra points if you are nominated by a province or you get provincial nomination and you add it to your express entry profile that’s almost a guarantee that you are going to get invited to apply for permanent residency, you are going to get what is called an ITA which is an invitation to apply for permanent resident. Getting into the express entry pool is free, you don’t need to pay any money, you just have to open an Express entry pool profile and have the IELTS, your ECA and atleast one year of work experience.”

Netizens Reactions…

JazzyFRANKie said; “I have a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Science degree in Public health. Please do I have to do WES for both or just the highest degree.”

Hannah’s Thoughts said; “Can an international student apply?”

Cecilia123 said; “Do I choose married or single if I am engaged but not yet married?”

Berla Naks commented; “Do I need proof of funds for express entry?”

oluwatooniyeside said; “Would IELTS UKVI also work?”

starfireangel001 said; “My aunty waiting 2 years 9 months before she got hers. it doesn’t usually come out in that 6 months.”

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@seyicanada The only path that can get you to Canada in 6 months – watch to the end and find out #canadaimmigration #canadaisnow #canadaexpressentry #expressentrycanada ♬ original sound – Live, Work & Study In Canada👌

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