Family Accuses Lagos KFC of Hoarding Their Daughter’s Corpse After She Died At Work (Photo)

The family of a young lady has accused KFC Lagos branch of hoarding the corpse of their daughter after she slumped and died at work.

One of the family of the lady stated that they only got information from KFC that their daughter fainted and died while trying to dry her wet clothes. According to them, KFC has refused to show the family where the corpse of their daughter is.

According to a family source, “She started working at KFC barely two months ago. On Friday last week, she was said to had slumped at about 11 PM.

KFC claimed she just screamed and fell while trying to hang her washed clothes. According to them, they rushed her to the hospital, but the first hospital rejected her because of deposit, it was the second hospital that they took her to that pronounced her dead on arrival.

KFC took her body to the morgue without informing her family. And as we speak, they are yet to show the family where they dumped her body. Even the police has refused to tell the family where the body is.

We think they are trying to cover up something. We don’t think she fell just like that.

KFC claimed she just screamed and fell but they didn’t call her family who lives near by. They took her to the hospital and still didn’t inform her people.

She died and they took her body to the mortuary without informing her family. They ran to Festac police to make an entry without informing the family still.

It was the police that later called the family on Saturday afternoon, telling her mom to come to the station that her daughter had issues at work. Only for the woman to get there and they just reluctantly told her that her daughter was dead.

She wasn’t sick. In fact, she was very fine and healthy. We think it was electrocution (our assumption) because there was a statement a policeman made to the elder brother. He said and I quote: ‘oh, na you wey electric shock your sister for Festac.’

She was the only daughter of her family. She started working at KFC after she dropped out of nursing school.”

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