Eric Mays Cause of Death: Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Eric Mays Cause of Death, Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Net Worth – Eric Mays was a prominent figure in both the automotive industry and politics in the United States. Representing the northwest region of Flint as the councillor for the city’s First Ward from 2013 until his demise, Mays left a significant mark on the local political landscape.


Name: Eric Mays
Date of Birth: September 16, 1958
Wife: Megan Ritchie
Nationality: American
Occupation: Politician
Net Worth: $100 million

Born on September 16, 1958, despite his tenure being marked by controversy, Eric Mays was a notable figure in Flint’s political scene. He gained attention for his outspoken nature and willingness to challenge the status quo, often finding himself embroiled in contentious situations during city council meetings.

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Eric Mays Age

At the time of his death, he was 65 years old.

Eric Mays Cause of Death

Mays was discovered deceased in his residence in Flint during the late hours of February 24, 2024. In response to his passing, the City of Flint released a statement acknowledging Mays’ service, describing him as a figure known for his bold and courageous dedication to his constituents in the First Ward, who held him in high regard and affection.

One of the most infamous incidents involving Mays occurred in 2016 when he was arrested and subsequently jailed for 30 days following a car crash on Interstate 475. Although no witnesses testified to seeing Mays behind the wheel, several police officers claimed he confessed to driving under the influence. Mays, representing himself during the trial, made headlines by questioning jurors about their religious beliefs and attempting to delay the release of incriminating evidence, portraying the case as politically motivated.

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In another scandal, Mays pleaded no contest in 2017 for allegedly pawning a city-owned laptop multiple times. Despite the accusations, he defended his actions, arguing that his financial struggles justified his actions and even suggested that the laptop was safer in the pawn shop than in city hall.

Mays’s penchant for controversy reached a peak in 2020 when he compared City Council President Monica Galloway to Adolf Hitler during a heated altercation, accompanied by a mocking Nazi salute. This behavior led to his removal from the meeting and subsequent condemnation from fellow council members, with Councilman Maurice Davis successfully motioning for Mays to be stripped of his leadership roles.

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In December 2023, Mays faced yet another setback when he was suspended from the council for 90 days due to allegations of making frivolous motions and employing racist rhetoric. Undeterred, Mays vehemently denied the accusations and vowed to pursue legal action against the city council, signaling his continued defiance until the end of his tumultuous political career.

Despite the controversies surrounding him, Eric Mays’s legacy in Flint’s political history remains a complex and contentious topic, reflecting the intricate dynamics of power, accountability, and personal integrity within local governance.

Eric Mays Wife

He was known to be married to Megan Ritchie.

Eric Mays Net Worth

At the time of his death, the estimated net worth of Eric Mays is $100 million.


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