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Eric Jackson Cause of Death: What Happened, How Did Eric Jackson Die? Explained

Eric Jackson Death Cause: Eric Jackson, the “Dean of Boston Jazz Radio,” passed away on Saturday morning. He was 72.

It is believed that he was suffering from health issues and was receiving treatment for diseases that he never disclosed to his family. The cause of his death is still unknown. Though this news is not confirmed, and we are still looking for information on how he died, we will keep you updated.

The way Eric connected listeners to the music through his friendliness and in-depth knowledge was one of his most incredible broadcasting talents. The general manager of GBH Music, Anthony Rudel, said of him, “He was a legend, and he will be missed.

He moved to Boston in 1968 to attend Boston University after being born in Providence, Rhode Island and growing up in Camden, New Jersey. In 1969, Eric launched his broadcasting career by hosting three shows on BU’s closed-circuit AM station, WBTU, that featured jazz, rhythm and blues, and what he refers to as “mixed music.”

Before transitioning to commercial radio and a Sunday afternoon jazz programme on WILD, he continued his work in college radio as the host of WBUR’s The Grotto (1970) and Harvard’s WHRB Going East (1971). (1972).

In 1977, Jackson started appearing regularly on the WGBH schedule thanks to the jazz music showcase Artists in the Night. With the launch of Eric in the Evening, he became one of public television’s most well-liked on-air hosts.

Jazz hasn’t been the only genre he’s covered on radio. According to his biography, he has produced a public affairs programme, presented and programmed a show covering a range of musical genres for some years, written the script and served as the narrator for a 30-episode weekly programme on the history of African American music.

Jackson was a professor at Wheelock College and Simmons College (now University). He was a visiting lecturer at the Longy School of Music for several years.

There is no information on Jackson’s net worth because he never disclosed it to the public.

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