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Eric Abetz Biography: Age, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Children

Eric Abetz Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Children – Eric Abetz is a prominent figure in Australian politics, particularly known for his extensive tenure as a Senator for Tasmania representing the Liberal Party.


Name:Eric Abetz
Date of Birth:25 January 1958
Wife:Michelle Abetz
Net Worth:$ million

Eric Abetz Biography

Born on January 25, 1958, in Germany, his political career spanned from 1994 to 2022, during which he held several significant positions. Notably, he served as the Minister for Employment and as the Leader of the Government in the Senate during the Abbott government from 2013 to 2015, showcasing his leadership capabilities and political acumen.

Eric Abetz Age

As of March 2024, he was known to be 66 years old.

Eric Abetz Parents

His father was known as Walter Abetz.

Eric Abetz Career

Abetz‘s involvement in Australian politics began long before his ministerial roles. His journey from a small child immigrating to Australia with his family to becoming a respected politician is emblematic of his dedication to his adopted country. His father’s employment with Tasmania’s Hydro Electric Commission brought the Abetz family to Australia, where Eric would later pursue his education at the University of Tasmania.

Prior to his political career, Abetz established himself as a barrister and solicitor, demonstrating his commitment to upholding legal principles. His early involvement in student politics, including serving as the national president of the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation, laid the foundation for his future leadership roles within the Liberal Party.

Eric Abetz Wife

He was married to Michelle Abetz. They were married from 1991 to 2019 when his wife passed away.

Eric Abetz Children

He is reportedly known to be a father of three.

Eric Abetz Net Worth

The exact estimated net worth of Eric Abetz is not known, however, as someone who was a top politician, be sure that he has quite a staggering amount of money which may run into millions of dollars in his name.


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