Eloise Harvey (Steve Harvey’s Mom) Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Husband

Eloise Harvey was a famous American mother and educator. Steve Harvey, a well-known comedian, TV and radio broadcaster, actor, and novelist, was born to Eloise Harvey.

1914 marked the birth of Eloise Harvey. Eloise Vera Harvey is her complete name. She is American by birth. Nothing else is known about her early years or upbringing.

Eloise Harvey Education & Career

She doesn’t know anything about his family members, either. Her educational background is also unknown.

Eloise instructed Sunday school. Speaking of her well-known son Steve Harvey is a multi-talented American artist who has held a variety of positions, including comedian, TV host, producer, and radio station.

Steve started out as a comedian but soon transitioned to acting.

His film and television debuts happened virtually simultaneously. But his most well-known program, “The Steve Harvey Show,” which lasted from 1996 to 2002, is what made him famous.

He became well-known and extremely famous as a result of the show. Additionally, this character received high praise from a number of other shows, including

Family Feud, Steve Talk Show, Little Big Shots, and its spinoff, Little Big Shots: Forever Young, are some of the shows that Steve Harvey hosts.

Eloise Harvey Husband

Who is Eloise Harvey married to? Jesse Harvey was the spouse of Eloise. Jesse, her spouse, works as a coal miner. With her son Steve, this personality has seven grandchildren: Jason Harvey, Morgan Harley, Brandi Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Broderick Wynton.

Steve Harvey is the youngest of the five children Eloise and her husband have together.

Eloise Harvey Children

Who are Eloise Harvey’s grandchildren? Karli, one of Eloise’s grandkids, is a well-known public speaker. In a similar vein, Broderick owns the clothing company “Need Money Not Friends.” Wynton is a fashionista and a photographer, too.

Lori works as a social media influencer, and Jason is the creator of the high-end women’s shoe brand “Yevrah.” In addition, Morgan, a graduate of a culinary school, is the proprietor of “I Need Some Mo.”

Eloise Harvey Net worth

Both Eloise’s income and net worth are unknown. Her son Steve, though, is worth $200 million.

This character can make a significant sum of money hosting various programs, performing stand-up comedy, appearing in motion pictures, and publishing books.

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