7 Egg Shell Benefits, Uses And Risk (A Must Read)

Eggs shell benefits

Eggs are a cheap, versatile source of protein, and we’ve scrambled, poached, baked and whipped them into everything from soups to custards. But what about the eggshell?

Eggshells are made up of 95% calcium carbonate, with a single shell providing around two grams of calcium. Comparatively, a glass of orange juice provides just 11 milligrams. Not only does this promote bone and muscle health, but it can also help
relieve common health issues such as heartburn, acid indigestion and stomach problems.

What then are the benefits of consuming eggshell.

1. Possess Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The powdered outer shells aren’t the only components of eggshells proving to have useful medical applications. One study gauged the effectiveness of using
eggshell membranes as an alternative therapy for joint connective tissue disorders, such as arthritis, lupus, gout and back pain. These conditions are commonly treated with analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs, which have limited effectiveness and can create cardiac risks and gastrointestinal issues.

In contrast, the eggshell membrane proved to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with joint connective tissue disorder without these complicating side effects.

2. Contains Calcium.

One average eggshell can provide twice the daily-recommended allowance of calcium for an adult, making it one of the best calcium-rich foods around. Calcium is an essential mineral for the growth and development of new bones. It also helps regulate heart rhythm, promote muscle function, and control levels of magnesium, phosphorous and potassium in the blood.

3. Protects Tooth Enamel.

Eggshells powder is also a key component to dental studies focusing on the remineralization of the enamel in
teeth . In research published in the Journal of Clinical’ Diagnostic Research, eggshells powder was mixed with a glycerin solution or methylcellulose gel and applied to teeth that had been chemically demineralized. The results showed an increase in new enamel to these damaged teeth. This study also determined that in comparison to other natural calcium sources, chicken eggshell powder contained lower levels of toxic materials, such as lead, aluminium, cadmium and

4. Reduces osteoporosis.

For all of these reasons, ground eggshells can be an excellent stand-in for calcium supplements, which many people, both men and women, are directed by their doctors to take when aging begins the natural but preventable process of leaching calcium from bones, making bones thinner and weaker — a condition known as osteoporosis .

5. Help treat skin irritations.

Drop an eggshell into a small container of apple cider vinegar and let it soak for a couple of days. Dab the mixture on minor skin irritations or on itchy skin.

6. Start Some Seedlings with eggshells.

Fill an egg carton with empty, rinsed eggshell halves and poke a hole in each one for drainage. Then add potting soil and one or two seeds to each shell. When the seedlings are big enough for transplanting outside, just crack the shell at the bottom and plant them, shell and all.

7. Nourishing Face Mask.

Pulverize dried eggshells with a mortar and pestle, then whisk the powder in with an egg white and use for a healthful, skin-tightening facial. Allow the face mask to dry before rinsing it off.

Ways to Use Your Powdered Eggshells includes ;

ways to get the benefits of powdered eggshells without affecting the flavor of the foods, include:

* Adding it to smoothies
* Sprinkling a bit on pizza
* In pasta sauce or salad
* In juice or even water; stir it in and drink it down quickly before it settles to the bottom of the glass
* Casseroles or scrambled eggs
* Coffee, as powdered eggshells are said to reduce or even eliminate bitterness when it’s added to the grounds before brewing.

When we take into consideration the prevalence of calcium deficiency in the average diet, eggshells are clearly a cheap and readily available calcium source. In fact, some studies indicate that calcium derived from eggshells may be more beneficial than the same amounts derived from calcium supplements, since the body processes the food-based eggshell calcium more slowly, thus reducing the risks involved in calcium overconsumption.

What are the risks associated with eggshells?

Frida warns that “Eggshells can be covered in bacteria and even carry salmonella, so I would recommend getting your daily dose of calcium from other sources. Another alternative for eggshells could be to use powdered eggshells in flower pots and vegetable patches by adding it to the soil, in order to enrich the plants.”

According to Frida “In order to make sure that the eggs are free of bacteria, you should boil them first, then dry them out in an oven for one hour. For human consumption, make sure that the shells are ground into a fine powder which can then be integrated into your morning smoothie, or a sprinkling can be added to pasta dishes along with

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