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You have heard quite often that education is the key to success. At first, you blindly believed in this phrase being true, but from time to time, questions started arising and you began to question the concept of education being the key to success?

Youths, you will agree with me that we are the leaders of tomorrow so it important to nurture tall desires for our golden future .

My preamble is that, Success is not cheap,road to success is a potpourri, self-belief and hard work will always earn one success but it is so unfortunate that some youths of today are plying the fastest lane to their destinations and so would rather put the cart before the horse just to actualise their dreams and successes. Because they are the jet age and impatient generation, they learn to walk even before crawling,count their chickens before they are even hatched .

Alas, many youths are now penchant for chasing shadows and building castles in the air just to be successful, of which it is not a success but a soxhlet,am heading somewhere.

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Whereas Some of us are thirsty for good education – which of course is essential for liberating the mind from ignorance and utter darkness as well as for making tangible contributions to nation building; but the majority of us fail to know that acquisition of certificates at the higher institution is just an attestation to the fact that one has successfully completed structured formal learning within a specific time.

We should be tired of theoretical life instead of a pragmatic life, I do tell people that If, like the old saying goes, “knowledge is power” then librarians would rule the world. So application of the skills derived from such educational pursuits for human and societal development is however the actual worth of academic certificates. Through Western education is a core value because as one who dreams to be successful in life education gives you the knowledge, skills, and credibility to achieve your maximum potential but education is not Synonymous to Success or better still let me say education is not the only Path to success ,youths may I say that to become successful in life, we require more than the ability of understanding and memorizing concept in School and reproducing it in an exam.

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Not gainsaid, It is very clear that schools today rewards people for their memory, whereas life rewards people for their imagination and creativity, successful person has to be expert in their field either it is study or any game. Education is not a only thing to get success. It would be gain by giving your best in any field one find oneself .

As we see that kanu Nwanko and Samuel Eto fils who are not educated well but they gave their best in their field and that why they became the most successful and respected player of football in Africa today,at this junction I want to apologize to educators all over the world because there is no diploma in fortitude and patience. There is no university which can teach resilience and no management degree can inculcate the innate business acumen present is successful professionals, don’t misunderstood me education is very good but it will be an added advantage if passions and creativeness as well embedded, get passion(s), chase the passion, be creative, chase creativity, creativity over conformity is key to true education.

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Cultivating Success in every aspect of our Life we must get educated then discover passion, be creative and make a list of smart goals, and what we might do to achieve them and be sure to draw up a timeline that says when you want to achieve them, goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound and as well acknowledged that a strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for life success.

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