Drama as Lady Catches Her Father with Side Chic at Restaurant with Mother

A Nigerian lady identified as Princess Sommy has shared her experience of witnessing her father in the company of another woman ‘side chic’ after she visited a restaurant together with her mother.

The incident allegedly unfolded at a restaurant, where she had taken her mother to celebrate her birthday.

The video, which has since garnered attention on social media, features Princess Sommy expressing her shock and dismay at encountering her father in the company of another woman, whom she refers to as a “side chic.”

In the footage, she accuses her father of prioritizing the woman over his own family, citing instances of him allegedly spending money lavishly on outsiders while neglecting his familial responsibilities.

She went on to reveal that during the encounter at the restaurant, her father pretended as if he didn’t know them, while the woman accompanying him appeared to order him around.

This revelation has fueled speculation and debate in the comments section of the TikTok post, with some users expressing skepticism about the authenticity of her claims.

In response to queries from followers, Princess Sommy revealed that upon returning home, her father reportedly instructed the family to leave his house.

However, amidst the flurry of reactions, some skeptics have challenged Princess Sommy’s narrative, suggesting that the woman she identified as a “side chic” may, in fact, be her mother

Netizens Reactions…

@Shu_ga said; “Later one person go come talk say no matter what your father is still your father.”

@Ray ray said; “Later when the children begin take care of their mum him go say the woman turn the children against him.”

@babyyrissa3 said; “Your mum joor.”

See below;

@estherokoh216 #😅😂😅😂 imagine having a dad that spends only on outsiders and doesn’t give two hoots about his family.@Lindaikeji Blog @Gistloversblog ♬ original sound – Princess Sommy

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