I do not intend to bore my readers with the litany of achievements made by this present administration but for perspective purposes, it will serve better to lead you into the account of stewardship of our own icon Dr John Taiwo Adekolawole Edaogbogun

Amidst multifarious challenges bedevilling the institution, the Dr. John Adekolawole Edaogbogun led administration inherited what could be described as a dilapidated institution in terms of personnel settings, infrastructure, staff and students' welfare,however,his office has made steady progress since the inception of appointment, within the last three (3) month of stewardship, the Polytechnic has taken very giant strides in terms of Staff management, academic reinvention, programme development, capacity building, welfare, discipline, information and communication transformation, security, health care delivery,landscaping and beautification.

Agreeably, Within the period under review,his administration have been able to build an institution of good, strong, firm and fair leadership equipped to tackle the challenges of capacity building, knowledge, wealth creation and most importantly transparency.

In the area of staff welfarism,
i.prompt payment of salaries in full package to all the staffs.
ii. Upgrading of qualified staff who have been denied the opportunities over the years back . iii.Restrucuring the academic heads such as HODs ,Dean'ship without personal or selfish interest strictly on academic record. iv.Organizing staff rector's cup which is currently on going among the staff of the institution .
v. Organizing a Quality Control training/workshop for the staffs of the institution to ensure academic excellence for both the staff and the students, just to mention few within the last 3 months of office, wait to see more in the next 6months.
Dr. John Adekolawole Edaogbogun administration fulfilled that staff appraisals and promotions be transparently and judiciously performed on and as at when due, without personal bias and any form of victimization, his administration continue to ensure that the feedback mechanism created in an appraisal modality that enable an aggrieved staff to notify management of any irregularities or perverted judgment, In order to ensure the quality of academic delivery in the polytechnic, the rector ensures that all academic staff make efforts to update their knowledge in line with current trends and technology through conference support,his administration resoundingly believe that priority attention should be given to staff development through conferences, seminars and workshops and this brought about the just concluded stakeholders workshop in order to ensure the quality of academic delivery in the polytechnic, the rector ensures that all academic staff make efforts to update their knowledge in line with current trends and technology through conference support,this is done to ensure effective and efficient academic staff development as well as ensuring effective academic development of students.

His administration had put in place measures aiming to pattern the scope of the curricular and content of academic programmes in tune with established ones to arouse students' curiosity about the efficacy of received knowledge, to investigate the efficiency of operational procedures,ostensibly such a system would also give room for students to devise alternative processes and models which can perform at higher levels of efficiency. Dr. John Adekolawole Edaogbogun administration expects reciprocity on the part of the students through good conduct, personal integrity and selflessness towards their advancement (knowledge, skill and character) .

The Rector's scorecard emphasizes on leadership, quality, development, utilization and expansion of programmes and facilities,his administration activities also includes establishment of a strong, effective and efficient administration
Research development,
Provision of effective knowledge dissemination environment for learning and teaching,
Development of patriotic, cultured, upright and disciplined citizens through fostering of the polytechnic student body,
Promotion of Science and Technology to meet the challenges of the global
Improvement of the Polytechnic ICT Infrastructure,
Stimulation of entrepreneurial competencies in the Polytechnic community.

Despite this all round development,egotistical critics of development continue to antagonize his landmark of development,apparently have been outstanding and a work in progress,critics should should shut down arsenal of their selfish interest.

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