Destiny Etiko Blasts Ruby Ojiakor for Vanishing with N700,000 Payment, She Replied

Nollywood actress and producer, Destiny Etiko, recently took to social media to express her disappointment and frustration with her colleague, Ruby Ojiakor, over a failed movie contract.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, Destiny revealed that she had paid Ruby a sum of N700,000 to star in her upcoming movie. However, to her dismay, Ruby not only became inaccessible but also refused to refund the money.

Destiny Etiko, known for her bold and straightforward nature, didn’t hold back in sharing her grievances. Instead of seeking amicable solutions or finding alternative ways to make up for the disappointment caused, Ruby Ojiakor resorted to issuing threats of physical assault towards Destiny. Incensed by this unprofessional behavior, Destiny decided to respond in kind, revealing her current location in the video and challenging Ruby to confront her directly.

Destiny Etiko warned Ruby Orjiakor that she would face severe consequences if she dared to show up. Age difference was not a concern for Destiny, as she emphasized that she cared little about it. Addressing Ruby directly, Destiny penned a powerful message: “Ruby Orjiakor, or whatever your name is… It is evident that you are seeking attention, Mrs. CLOUTINA. Should I be afraid of you? Who are you? I do not engage in excessive talking. If you push me too far, I will give you a resounding slap that will make your face turn red. Ruby, you charged me without delivering on your promises. This is why I avoid dealing with colleagues like you. Ruby, you are immature.“

Reacting to the allegation in a video shared on social media, Ruby called Destiny Etiko a liar as she shared her own side of the story.

In the video, she said: “Destiny Etiko, I saw a video you just did. You know me very well that I’m not scared of anyone.

“You called me for a job, and I told you that I’m very busy; I have so many jobs at hand, and you begged me to see how I can squeeze myself to do the job that I’m the only one that can interpret that character perfectly well for you.

“And I said, babe, I’m not assuring you, but if you think you can cope, let’s see how it goes. I told you before you paid in. So stop lying.

“You see that money; I will not refund it. Call Emeka Rollas. I will not pay. Do your worst. I have spent the money, and I can only make up for it by starring in your subsequent movie.”

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