DEAR LADIES: See 11 Things He Does Which Mean That He’s A Perfect Gentleman

1. He always maintains good hygiene.

A true gentleman is someone who understands that maintaining good hygiene is part of being a proper adult. He knows that it’s more than just projecting a good image of himself; but it’s a practice that speaks volumes of his character. He knows he can’t be sloppy – not with how he lives his life, and most especially not with how he treats you.

2. He knows when he has to be serious and when he has to loosen up.

He’s not someone who is too rigid to the point that you could never have fun with him. But he also isn’t someone who is too loose to the point that he’s irresponsible. He is able to balance it out fairly well.

3. He makes an effort to really see you in person.

He knows that in today’s modern world, it can be very easy for people to get swept up in the use of technology. And he never allows himself to take you for granted. Yes, he can just choose to communicate with you through a phone or a computer. But he really makes an effort to see you in person because he knows that real connections and conversations can’t be had through a device.

4. He doesn’t play the modern “dating games” that a lot of people play these days.

He doesn’t act coy. He doesn’t play around with his feelings. He doesn’t deliberately play hard-to-get. He doesn’t play a lot of the modern dating games that people play. He doesn’t participate in such childish acts because he knows that love isn’t supposed to be a game. He knows that it’s something that should always be taken seriously.

5. He is very upfront about his feelings and intentions.

You know that he’s not playing around when he’s with you. He really stays true and honest about his feelings and intentions with you. You always know where he stands – and more importantly, where you stand in relation to his life. He always makes his intentions known to you because he doesn’t want to make you feel like he’s keeping you in the dark about anything.

6. He inspires you to be better without pressuring you to change who you are.

He is the kind of guy who is able to challenge you; to inspire you to be a better class of human being just because he is the way that he is. He is someone who always holds himself up to a certain standard; and he inspires you to be the same way. But he also doesn’t pressure you to be anyone other than who you are. He just really motivates you to be the best possible version of yourself.

7. He reads books, academic journals, or newspapers.

He’s smart. When it comes to media consumption, he’s not just someone who is content with viral content and videos. He is someone who is really committed to the consumption of knowledge. And so he really makes the time to read books, academic journals, and newspapers to make himself more educated and well-read. He always wants to make sure that he has depth.

8. He is just as attracted to your mind and heart as he is to your body.

He isn’t just a visual man. Yes, he is attracted to your beauty and he always does his best to reassure you that you don’t have anything about you to feel insecure about with your looks. But he also makes you feel like he’s not with you just for how physically attractive you are. He makes sure to let you know that he’s attracted to your entire package – your entire personality.

9. He knows how to balance between being receptive of one’s care and being needy.

Yes, he’s an independent guy who knows how to get the job done; and he can really look after himself. But he also knows that you want to be able to take care of him to express your love; and he isn’t going to be shy about letting you do so either.

10. He has genuine goals and dreams in life.

He isn’t a guy who is just floating along with the wind. He’s not just someone who is wandering about aimlessly. He’s a man who has real goals and dreams. He’s a guy who has a vision for himself and for you. He has something that he’s working towards. He has real direction; and he goes about his life with structure and purpose. He’s not just content on having fun with you; he’s interested in making things last with you.

11. He is grounded in his principles and convictions.

He has a strong foundation of moral convictions and principles. He really stays grounded in them. He is a firm believer of when people say that those who stand for nothing will fall for anything. You know that you can always rely on him to act a certain way because he stays true to his principles. He stays true to who he is.

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