COUPLE’S LIFE ON CAMPUS: Student Position And The Prominent God’s View

Biblically,marriage is the union between a man and a woman, instituted and ordained by God as the lifelong relationship between one man as husband, and one woman as wife, quoted from both Genesis 1 and 2 that God had created humanity as male and female, and that in marriage “the two become one flesh”.

The term “couples is use for two parties who agreed to take up the aforesaid will of God. Scripture teaches that marriage is ordained by God and part of His original design for us as well as a foreshadowing of our eternal relationship with Him. God created marriage as a loyal partnership between one man and one woman, marriage is the firmest foundation for building a family however God designed sexual expression to help married couples build intimacy, marriage mirrors God’s covenant relationship with His people. We see this last parallel throughout the Bible. For instance, Jesus refers to Himself as the “bridegroom” and to the kingdom of heaven as a “wedding banquet.”

It is sympathetic that one of the most rampant lifestyle of students in our higher institutions today is co-inhabiting in the same apartment by a male and female students in an exact manner like the real married couples. This is popular known as couples life on campuses. This growing trend is gradually eroding the level of morality among youths in tertiary institutions like Federal Polytechnic Ede.

It has become so popular that if you are not doing it as a student, you will definitely know one or two people who are into it. Either having them as a friend, classmate or hostel mates.

Our society has now been so degenerated that nobody perceives students couples life as a threat to life, God’s relationship and educational system. We are tired of seeing a lot of young students who are living together before marriage.

‘Campus couples life’ now look so normal in our campus environment that the people who indulge in it are awarded by others students at the end of every academic calendar in the hostels day, departmental day, student’s union day. It’s not new to see young girls and boys been crowned ‘young couples of the year’. This troubles for several reasons and is putting up issues of serious concerns.

Students in relationships living together in school as couples While many have regretted it. You would ask this conundrum ” why do Students Prefer to live a Couples Life in campuses like Federal polytechnic Ede, Poverty? there is no doubt that, one of the excuses under which some campus couples hide is their inability to afford the exorbitant rent alone which force them to move in with their boyfriend or vice versa. So they prefer to stay and live together with someone who understands their financial incapability while some only live a couples life because they want to satisfy their lustful desire (James 1:14 – 15).

However, Experience have discerned that eighty percent (80%)of students who live together as couples are most likely not to marry each other because they lack the will and compass of God, most of the relationship don’t even last till the final year.

The nemeses of this act follows them because now that they have successfully buried their selves in a temporary school marriage where they bear the whole responsibilities of a married man or woman, they are no longer free and can’t do what they like without having to explain to their phony wives/husbands and more so living a couples life does provide a distraction from studying which will eventually lead to poor academic performance (1 Corinthians 6:13).

You can’t combine living a life full of responsibilities (cooking for your partner, executing chores of two, intuitiveness for two etc.) with your academics, the two together cannot stand without producing failure.

Another danger in campus couples life are: High rate of abortion which is tantamount to murder of life can also be attributed to cohabitation. These students are not ready for parenting; thus must do anything within their power not to keep pregnancies when they occur.

However, it should be mentioned that abortion exposes the female partners to the risk of death or damaged uterus. Also is the threat of sexually transmitted diseases. It is common place to find both cohabitants battling with one sexually transmitted disease or the other (1 Corinthians 10:18).

In addition, those involved tend to indulge in vices including stealing, lying and cyber-crimes etc. in order to raise finances to keep the affairs going.

Have been to Student’s union award night in many campuses where they even encourage this dirty act by awarding laurels to “best couple of the year” then the term “couple” worth questioning. Students unions and other campus social clubs in the school can organize campaigns to discourage it instead of awarding laurels to those people who indulged in it. It should be discouraged among the students.
parents, have plenty work to do. Schools have little or no authority to exert on students because this cannot be happening in the School hostels.

Parents, should give Godly counseling and also ascertain what they are up to and the prime work lies in the hand of the students, students on their own should move away from this ungodly and barbaric act as it will only cost their future and disconnect them from the vine (Jesus) John 15: 1 – 9 and away from the presence of God forever. Ephesians 5:5, Hebrew 13:4. Let we the children of God preach and campaign against this and disconnect people from this to reconnect them back to the true Vine.

If Secular principles can rebuke this lustful act what more will our lord God who doesn’t want to behold iniquity do. Stop it today, say No to devil now!!!

Written By: Adejayan Oluwagbenga Son of God)

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