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A UFC fighter named Cory Mckenna recently defeated Miranda Granger to score a historic victory. The boxer has fought without any injuries for the first time, according to her Wiki bio.

In her most recent contest, the 23-year-old MMA fighter not only triumphed against a stronger opponent but also created UFC history.

The Welsh fighter overcame a 10-inch reach advantage by repeatedly knocking her opponent to the ground in the first and second rounds. Granger made a defensive technical error that allowed McKenna to secure the Von Flue choke and become the first female UFC champion in history.

After the combat, McKenna was ecstatic to see her name in the history books, and she claimed she talked to Team Alpha Male member Darren Elkins about completing the Von Flue programme.

Cory Mckenna Biography

Cory Mckenna is one of the youngest female fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Cory is from Cwmbran, Wales.

Cory is originally from the United Kingdom and has been named one of the youngest female fighters in UFC history. Cory is an amazing fighter.

Mckenna was only 20 when she first made her debut, which landed her a role in UFC. Her performance has always left most of her fans in awe at her versatility with her fighting skills.

Cory Mckenna Career

Boxer Cory Mckenna has a webpage where she has posted information from Wikipedia.

The 23-year-old athlete will be more fit than ever when she competes against Miranda Granger in her next match. She is sure that she will successfully finish the match despite having no present injuries.

She was easily defeated by Elisa Reed. She was unfortunate since Reed only had one takedown to her three. According to Cory, she has the smallest reach at 58.5 inches, while Poppins, her rival, has a reach that is 6 inches wider than hers.

She has a shorter reach than most of her opponents, but despite this, she never lets it get the better of her in a fight because her training partner has a longer reach, which has helped her get past this obstacle.

When she beat Vanessa Demopolous in Las Vegas at the age of 21, she became the first woman in Wales to sign a contract with the UFC, making MMA history for that nation.

Cory Mckenna Husband

Did She Ever Get Married? Since Cory Mckenna doesn’t appear to be wed, he most likely has no romantic partners. The teenage boxer hasn’t been seen out and about with any potential boyfriends.

On social media, Cory has also been silent about her dating situation. Cory has been passionate about her MMA profession since she was a young girl. She spent most of her time honing her talents with her training partners.

Her official website claims that they remain hidden until they get engulfed in lust, and that individuals who neglect their responsibilities and weaken their hearts through toil are to blame. This statement makes it abundantly evident that she values her profession far more than a romantic relationship.

Cory Mckenna Height, Weight

Cory Mckenna is of height 5 feet and three inches, i.e., 160 sm with a weight of 115.5 lbs. Her reach is 58.5″ (149cm), and she fights in the weight class strawweight

Cory Mckenna Net Worth

How Rich Is Cory Mckenna? Young MMA fighter Cory Mckenna has a net worth of less than $500,000.

Beginning her MMA career at age 21, Cory defeated Vanessa Demopolous to earn a contract with the UFC.

Her work for one of the most well-known sports organisations, the UFC, has generated considerable earnings for her, and her MMA fighting career is also flourishing. We don’t know how Cory has been supporting himself financially aside from boxing.

Cory Mckenna Parents, Personal Life

Her mother, who has been a major influence on Cory McKenna’s career, is someone she is close to. At a UFC event in Manchester, Wendy McKenna brought her 14-year-old daughter, and the two posed for a picture with the UFC president.

The fighter, now 21 years old, remarked, “We got fairly good seats. “Mom did the most embarrassing thing ever as Dana went by.” You’ll be signing her in five years, she yanked at him.

Seven years later, here we are. Even though it was embarrassing, my mum was right, even though it is a little late.

McKenna defied her mother’s forecast and defeated Vanessa Demopoulos to become the youngest British fighter to be offered a UFC contract.

Cory Mckenna Instagram

Mckenna’s Instagram handle goes under @corymckenna99. She has a verified Instagram account with over 27k followers.


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