Coronavirus: 8 West Ham United players showing COVID-19 symptoms

Eight of the West Ham United players in self-isolation are showing mild symptoms of COVID-19.

The club’s vice-chairman, Karren Brady, disclosed this in her column in The Sun as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to cause significant disruption to the sporting calendar world-wide.

Brady said: “I am relieved to say they [the eight players] are all showing mild symptoms of [COVID-19] and, along with their families, seem to be well.”

“But it is no more than a handshake, sneeze, or cough away from any of us, so no one should be complacent,” she added.

“When all the Premier League clubs spoke last, we agreed to get going again as soon as possible.

“And that the games will run into July, if required, to get this campaign finished. This is the plan. This is what we want to deliver.

“It may be games have to be played behind closed doors, which no one wants – especially the players and fans.

“But we hope it might just be possible to go ahead once the sharp graph of it bottoms out.”

Meanwhile, the English Premier League has been suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak until April 30 “at the earliest.”

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