Christiane Amanpour Biography, Age, Education, Husband, Children, Salary, Net Worth

Christiane Amanpour is a television news anchor and foreign correspondent who has spent her career working for the American news network Cable Network News and the American news program 60 Minutes. She is of British and Iranian descent and is a naturalized American citizen
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The anchor won global acclaim for her coverage from some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Be it, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, or even Somalia, this great journalist was there. The reporter brought conflict into context and asked some of the most challenging questions. She is no stranger to war in the international arena. The gifted reporter was born in Iran but fled the country with her family.

Christiane Amanpour Biography

Christiane Amanpour is considered one of television’s leading news correspondents. After first gaining notice for her 1985 report on Iran, which won the DuPont Award, Amanpour has received multiple Emmys and countless other honors for her work, including several Peabody awards and an Edward R. Murrow Award. She is CNN’s chief international correspondent and has worked for CBS’ 60 Minutes and ABC News.

Christiane Amanpour Early Life and Career

Amanpour was born on January 12, 1958, in London, England. The daughter of an English mother and Iranian father and the oldest of four sisters, she spent time in Tehran, Iran, while growing up. An accomplished equestrian who competed as a child jockey, she was sent to a Catholic girls’ boarding school in England at 11 years old. Her world was turned upside down in 1979 when the revolution toppled the shah of Iran, spurring her family into exile and sparking Christiane’s future career interest.

As a college student, Amanpour studied journalism. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rhode Island, graduating summa cum laude, Amanpour went to work behind the cameras as an electronic graphics designer at WJAR-TV in Providence. Remaining in the city, Amanpour became a radio reporter and producer for WBRU in 1981.

Christiane Amanpour Education Background

At the age of 11, Christiane attended a catholic girls’ boarding school in England. She was very active in child jockey at the time. Unfortunately, her world turned upside down in 1979 when the revolution tumbled the Shah of Iran, prompting Christiane Amanpour family into exile. The situation also sparked Christiane’s future career interest.

The versatile reporter studied journalism at the University of Rhode Island, graduating with the highest distinction. She later went to work behind cameras as an electronic graphic designer at WJAR-TV in Providence. Later on, she became a radio reporter and producer for WBRU in 1981.

International Reporter at CNN

Amanpour went to work as an assistant at the international assignment desk for CNN in 1983. Though initially facing resistance from being put on the air due to her accent and dark hair, she first gained notice for her 1985 report on her home nation of Iran, winning the DuPont Award. But it was her historical coverage of the Bosnian crisis in the late 1980s and early 1990s that helped make her the internationally recognized correspondent she is today. The world also tuned in to watch her reports during the first war with Iraq, with Amanpour covering other troubled spots like Haiti, Rwanda, Somalia and Afghanistan, among other regions.

Along with her coverage of key international events, Amanpour has interviewed many of the world’s top leaders, including then-British prime minister Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac after the attacks of September 11. She also obtained the first interview with King Abdullah of Jordan and interviewed other Middle Eastern heads of state, including Mohammad Khatami and Hosni Mubarak.

Christiane Amanpour Awards and Later Work

Amanpour has received several awards for her journalism. She has won nine Emmys, several Peabody awards, an Edward R. Murrow Award and recognition from the Library of American Broadcasting. Besides her role as CNN’s chief international correspondent, helming a number of arresting documentaries on global social issues, she has worked for CBS News on their award-winning program 60 Minutes as a reporter.

In March 2010, after 27 years, Amanpour announced her departure from CNN to ABC News, where she became the anchor of This Week, staying with the program for more than a year. She was later appointed global affairs anchor of ABC News and made a return to CNN via its international station.

In December 2017, after PBS severed professional ties with Charlie Rose over sexual harassment allegations, the organization announced that member stations had the option of rebroadcasting Amanpour’s CNN International show, rebranded Amanpour on PBS, in Rose’s old time slot.

Christiane Amanpour age

She was born on January 12, 1958, in London, England. Her mother was English while her father was Iranian. The journalist is the eldest of four sisters. She spent most of her early life in Tehran, Iran while growing up. As of February 2021, she is 63 years old.

Christiane Amanpour Personal Life

Amanpour married to James Rubin, a former adviser to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, in 1998. The couple has a son, Darius.

Christiane Amanpour husband

James Rubin, a former Asst Secretary of State, USA. Photo: James Rubin

The CNN correspondent was married to James Rubin, a former adviser to the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, in 1998. The couple, however, split in 2018 after two decades of being together. The divorce was amicable, and the two have remained friends.

Christiane Amanpour, Husband and Son

Christiane Amanpour children

The couple had one son, Darius John Rubin, in 2000. They left New York City in 2013 to permanently reside in London. The CNN correspondent and her only son are currently living in London. Darius recently graduated from Ton bridge School in Kent. Both parents attended the graduation.

Christiane Amanpour net worth

The British-Iranian reporter has a net worth of 18 million dollars as of February 2021. Christiane Amanpour salary at CNN is $5 million annually. Thanks to her new position at PBS, her net worth is expected to rise a notch higher in the future.

Frequently asked questions

It is not a surprise that the world would want to know more about this courageous woman, who has reported from some of the most dangerous parts of the world. Below are some of the most searched for questions about the journalist.

1. What is the salary of Christiane Amanpour?

Amanpour’s work line is a tense, competitive, and unpredictable one where salaries differ by millions of dollars. She is among the top paid women journalists today. Her annual salary as of February 2021, is $5 million per year.

2. What has happened to Christiane Amanpour?

In December 2017, PBS made an announcement that the British-Iranian reporter would succeed Charlie Ross. This was after allegations of sexual harassment against Rose. Since 2020, she has been conducting the PBS daily program from her home in England.

3. What is Christiane Amanpour best known for?

The talented CNN reporter is famous for her coverage of Kuwait’s Iraqi invasion in 1990 and the subsequent ousting by a U.S.-led coalition. Christiane is popular for reporting from some of the most dangerous places on earth. She is one of the best-known journalists in the world.

4. Who is Christiane Amanpour husband?

The anchor was married to a journalist known as James Rubin, a former adviser to the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The golden couple, however, went different ways in 2018 after 20 years of marriage.

Christiane Amanpour background and experience in covering conflicts make her an insightful commentator on international affairs. No one in the journalism field had continuously reported from such dangerous places as she did.

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