Reverend Father Reveals Why He Left Priesthood After 15 Years To Get Married

A former Catholic Priest, who left priesthood after 15 to 16 years – has revealed that it was not an easy decision for him but he had to stay true to himself after he rediscovered and found his true self.

On the Citi Breakfast Show, the Ghanaian identified as Samuel Deku said he left the Catholic priesthood because he realized that God would only bless any individual when that individual stays true to themselves in every aspect.

“First of all, I realized that to get any big blessing from God, you must be true to yourself in all aspect. I got in touch with myself and I realized the ecosystem of the Catholic priesthood is not where God really wants me to be,” he said.

Samuel said leaving the priesthood was not an abrupt decision; it was something he took time to think through. He said he was counselled through his period of descendent.

Growing up as a kid in a very Catholic home, Samuel Deku developed an interest in the priesthood, and that was how he ended up as a priest for 15 years.

“I grew up in a very Catholic environment, everyone was Catholic, even our goats and fowls were Catholic, I love it, I appreciated the church, I still appreciate church, I developed an interest for the priest and priesthood, ” he said.

Samuel started his journey into priesthood at the Tamale Saint Victor Major Seminary, then preceded to DR. Congo to study and work as a priest, then later to the Netherlands.

Samuel Deku, a handsome looking young man, got married in December 2018 to a beautiful lady, whom he had known since childhood.

The multilingual businessman who awed listeners of the Citi Breakfast Show with his eloquence and intelligence, said he didn’t leave the priesthood because a woman persuaded him to as some have suggested.

Samuel Deku’s unique story came to light when he entered Citi FM’s lucky couple promotion organized to offer a couple who married in January and December to have their wedding anniversary through an all-expense-paid trip to Johannesburg South Africa.

Although Deku did not make the list of the couples that competed because his marriage is fresh and didn’t qualify for an anniversary, he was invited to the studio to share his unique story.

His intriguing story moved the CEO of Citi FM and Citi TV, Samuel Attah-Mensah, who offered him a chance to also join the trip to South Africa with his wife.

credit: citinewsroom

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