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Carolin Bacic (Steve Bacic’s Wife) Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Parents, Children

Carolin Bacic is the wife of popular Canadian actor Steve Bacic. She came into the limelight after marrying him.

Carolin Bacic Wiki/Profile

Name Carolin Bacic
Nationality Canadian
Date of birth 13th March 1965
Age 57 years old
Husband Steve Bacic
Career Client care professional
Children 3

Carolin Bacic Bography

Carolin was born on 13th March 1965 in Canada, under the Pisces Zodiac making her 57 years old, Canadian by nationality, and belonging to the white ethnicity. She was raised by her Canadian parents, though there are no details of who they are or what their professions were. She has also failed to share any detail of whether she has any siblings or not. Carolin is a secretive person, there is no information about her early life or the specific place where she grew up in. Talking about Carolin’s educational background, after matriculating from high school, she joined the prestigious University of Canada.

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Carolin Bacic Age

How old is Carolin Bacic? Carolin Bacic was born on the 13th of March, 1965 in Canada. She is doing well and happy with her family. She is currently 57 years old and would turn 58 years old on March 13, 2023. She is growing and needs to take care of herself well. Bacic is not that public person or someone who used to communicate with the media, although she is married to a celebrity, she has maintained a low profile and won’t want to share any secret of her family with the public.

Carolin Bacic Height and Weight

Most women are known to keep their body measurements private and Carolin is no exception. From her online photos, she has a slim body stature though there are no exact measurements of her vital statistics. However, she is of average height and has hazel eyes as well as blonde hair. No information is known about her weight as of now.

Carolin Bacic Nationality and Ethnicity

She is a Canadian by birth. She was born, raised, schooled, married, and lives in Canada. It’s like she has stayed there all of her life and she is comfortable with it since that is where all her family members are.

Carolin Bacic Career

Carolin Bacic rose to fame after she married Steve Bacic, a Canadian actor who is best known for roles such as Telemachus Rhade and Gaherisene in ‘Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda’, a Sci-Fi.

Although Carolin is not a celebrity by any credit, people are always eager to find out more about her marriage to Steve Bacic. Not much is known about Steve Bacic’s wife as she is that secretive type who doesn’t share things about themselves with the media. Despite marrying a celebrity, she has still managed to keep a low profile and isn’t ready to share her private life yet with the media.

Carolin Bacic Husband

Who is Carolin Bacic married to? Yes, carolin has children and is a mother and a wife.

Carolin Bacic only came into the spotlight after getting married to the famous Canadian actor Steve Bacic. The couple has been married for over a decade now. Despite the fact they married in an extravagant wedding, they chose to keep it very private. There are no details of when, where, and how they married.

Carolin Bacic Children

Does Carolin Bacic have child? Carolin is married to Steve Bacic and they have been together for almost a decade now. The couple is blessed with three children. They have kept everything about their children a secret and haven’t revealed anything related to it yet to the press.

Carolin Bacic

Although not much is known about Carolin’s career, as she prefers to keep it private, she had managed to accumulate a good amount. It could also be because she is Steve Bacic’s wife, but all in all, she lives a lavish life courtesy of her husband’s earnings. She shares a net worth with her husband. As of 2019, reputable sites estimate Steve Bacic’s net worth to be not less than $2 million. With such a promising career and acting credits, his net worth can only increase as time goes by.



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