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Calista Okoronkwo: If You Want To Get A Girl, Just Buy Her Gifts – Actress Hints Men

Calista Okoronkwo, a model and actor, has listed her expectations from a potential lover.

The Imo State-born actress, who began acting in 2010 and was best known for her role as Nurse Titi in Clinic Matters, stated that her man must be able to shower her with gifts in and out of seasons.

She also revealed the kind of man that turns her on: “Any man who is honest, enterprising, tall and very spontaneous is a huge turn on for me. A man who knows how to shower me with gifts because I also love to spoil my man with gifts too. My man needs to know God too. In fact, that’s the most important part because if a man loves God, he will love his woman and treat her right.”

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She stated further, “Let me also reiterate that most men don’t know that if you want to get a girl, just buy her gifts. Do right by her. Send gifts for no reason. So, I can’t tolerate my man not buying me gifts. I love gifts and I also love to gift people. My man must be a giver.”

On sexual harassment in the industry, Ms Okoronkwo said she had been an exemption.

“It has never happened to me. I do hear and read people complain of such, but I have never been a victim. I think this is because when I got into the industry, someone was watching my back. He was even the one bringing the jobs for me most times. Nobody has dared to tell me ‘Oh Calista before I give you this role, you must sleep with me’. It has never happened since I ventured into Nollywood,” she asserted.

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