Buy Web Hosting : Case Study, Namecheap Company

Actually this is my first post here concerning web hosting and I think it will be a bad idea to know and pretend to be ignorant..

Today am going to enlight you about web hosting, what are the features needed when going for an host..?

Firstly am going to share my experience with namecheap…
Don’t let yourself be confused based on the price.

Some hosting provider will promise to offer you a web host with unlimited bandwidth and storage e.g namecheap. Don’t fall this trick.. This is just a marketing strategy.

If you truly wanna become a blogger then you should dream big

This is just somethings you should look out to whenever you want to order a host either for yourself or your client:

  • Processes
  • Memory
  • CPU

If you check namecheap hosting closely, you will see that it’s based on price..

They’re not stupid, they offer their hosting at the rate of $1 monthly before, but I don’t know if this has changed now.

If you’re not capable kindly go for blogspot. It’s not a must to go for WordPress when you’re not capable. I will share some screenshot with you guys. You don’t have to be deceived, we are a team of two and the hosting we are using is $5/month.

I have tried more than three top hosting but they not what you think they are. After namecheap $1/month hosting.. You will discover that the price of the second plan after it higher. They know what They’re doing.

If you order of $1 or $2 per month plan, you will end up experience some downfall when your blog started getting more traffics and content, you will notice that your website is loading very slow, your linode will go down.

If you look at your metric in your cpanel, you will see that it has turn to red. After that your website will be displaying error 501


That means

You have run out of resources. The website that I host with them back then, when I couldn’t bear the pain anymore… I have to contact them to cancel my account despite the fact that I still have like one and half year subscription with them. I use to contact them everyday when I noticed these downfall.

That’s my cancellation request. Then they make me aware of the hidden quota, how they allocate resources. This is what you will get if you fall for $1 or $2 per month hosting of namecheap.

Any shared or reseller account may use no more than:
-20 processes
-1Gb memory
-20% of CPU time
We may allow any shared / reseller account to burst up to:
-4Gb memory
-100% CPU time
You can check them here in more detail: .

Please before you order their plans, make sure you visit the link above, read there policy

And Again don’t fall for cheap hosting if you don’t want to fall cheaply.

That’s all for today
What’s your own experience???

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