Businessman Bemused As Immigration Officers Mandate Workers and Passport Applicants To Engage In Long Prayer Session (Watch Video)

A Nigerian businessman has shared his experience at the Immigration Office in Alausa, Lagos state when he went to do some passport related matters.

He said that the officials were made to engage in inter religious prayer session in the office while people were wating to be attended to.

According to the applicant known as @gkbalogs on Twitter, he arrive around 7:30 am and while waiting, two senior Immigration officer ordered everyone to stand up so they could start the day with prayer.

He said that it was a long session which started with Christian prayers before they called an Alfa to pray for the Muslim faithfuls.

The man shared a video on his page an wrote; “I am thoroughly confused. I have been at the immigration office at Alausa since 7.30am with so much chaos and confusion.

2 officers came into the room now and commanded everyone to stand up, and they started a praise worship session, followed by a long prayer session. We recited Hail Mary, and then they called an alfa to pray.”

See the video below:

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