Bridget Archer Biography: Age, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Career

Bridget Archer Biography, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Career – Bridget Archer has served as a member of the House of Representatives since the 2019 federal election, representing the Division of Bass in Tasmania as a member of the Liberal Party.


Name: Bridget Kathleen Archer
Date of Birth: 18 May 1975
Husband: Winston
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Farmer
Political Party: Liberal

Bridget Archer’s Biography

Born on May 18, 1975, in Hobart, Tasmania, Archer’s early life took a turn when, as a six-week-old baby, she was adopted by Barry and Marian Whelan, both employed in the banking sector and already parents to a son and daughter.

Despite her challenging family circumstances, Archer attended Ravenswood Primary School before being sent to board at Launceston Church Grammar School, just a brief distance from her home, at the insistence of her stepfather.

However, despite these setbacks, Archer was admitted to the University of Tasmania, although she eventually dropped out. During this time, she worked as a botanical curator at the Tasmanian Herbarium from 1995 to 1999, later holding a variety of mostly casual administrative and hospitality roles, including working at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Eventually, she returned to university and successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts in English and political science, followed by a graduate certificate in international politics.

Bridget Archer’s Nationality

She is known be Australian, and she represents the Division of Bass in Tasmania as a member of the Liberal Party.

Where is Bridget Archer from?

She is known to be from Hobart, Australia.

Bridget Archer’s Age

How old is Bridget Archer? Her exact date of birth is May 18, 1975, so as of April 2024, she was 48 years old.

Bridget Archer’s Parents & Siblings

Details about her biological parents and siblings are not known. However, she was adopted when she was six weeks old and the names of her adoptive parents are Barry and Marian Whelan. She also had two siblings who belonged to her adoptive parents.

Why is Bridget Archer famous?

She reportedly gained fame primarily through her political career in Australia. She became well-known for her tenure as mayor of the George Town Council and later as a member of the House of Representatives, representing the Division of Bass in Tasmania.

Bridget Archer’s Height & Weight

Details about the height and weight of Archer are not readily available.

Bridget Archer’s Career

She served as deputy mayor and later mayor of the George Town Council before entering federal politics.

As a member of the moderate faction of the Liberal Party, she contested unsuccessfully in the state election of 2018. Elected to parliament in 2019, she criticized the government’s cashless debit card trial and abstained from voting on its permanence.

Notably, Archer crossed the floor multiple times, supporting motions for a national anti-corruption commission, transgender student protection, and higher carbon emissions reduction targets. She expressed feeling marginalized within the Liberal Party in 2024, citing its rightward shift.


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Bridget Archer’s Husband

She is known to be a married woman whose husband is known as Winston.

Bridget Archer’s Children

She is known to be a mother of five, however, the names and details of her children are not known.

Bridget Archer’s Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is not known, however, as a politician, she might have a substantial amount of money in her name which she has acquired through her career.


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