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Boy Seen Eating Garri From Cooler In School, Video Stirs Reaction

A video of a schoolboy eating garri during school break has stirred reactions online.

The boy was seen in the short clip eating the soaked garri from a cooler during break time at school.

Recorded comfortably munching away at his lunch, he didn’t seem to mind that his classmates were having proper meals.

A teacher, @ifunanys, who shared the video on TikTok the boy is his pupil and class captain.

When asked if she at least got the pupil a good meal after seeing what he was eating, she (the teacher) responded in the affirmative.

“I did thanks for asking,” she responded.

TikTokers who have seen the video reacted with mixed feelings.

@SAMUEL said: “Who is the mother of this child let him mother bring him to me I want to help him!”

@user1920301563097 said: “He will be a great leader and husband one day.”

@Suc Cess001 said: “But drinking garri is not bad nah.”

@Stephanie’s said: “He’s eating what his parents have with so much contentment.”

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