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Boy Awalia Asnil Cause of Death: How Did Pilot Boy Awalia Asnil Die? EXPLAINED

The public was shocked by the incident of a pilot who suddenly landed his plane in an emergency at Juanda Airport, Sidoarjo, East Java.

The pilot named Captain Boy Awalia Asnil who piloted the plane from Citilink Indonesia.

It turned out that the emergency landing was because he could not stand the pain he was feeling.

Citilink officers were reported to have carried out an emergency evacuation to save Boy Awalia.

Until the end Boydieworld when treated.

Citilink expresses its deep condolences and has replaced aircraft for the previous passengers.

Previously, Juanda Airport Public Relations Yuristo Ardhi confirmed the news of the incident. The aircraft with the A320 type is known to be piloted by Captain Boy Awalia Asnil and Okky Alfiansyah. The plane took off at 06.10 WIB and landed again at 06.56 WIB.

“Permission to convey, this morning we received a report that there was an emergency landing request from Citilink QG307 Surabaya-Makassar,” Yuristo said when confirmed by reporters.

Yuristo said that this happened because the pilot experienced pain on the plane or called Incapacity. “Furthermore, the handling will be carried out by the Port Health Office,” he said.

Currently, passengers have flown back using Citilink aircraft with the same flight number.

“Passengers have flown again, take off at 10:58 WIB,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Acting (Plt) Head of Surabaya Class I Port Health Office, Dr Acub Zainal, said that pilot Boy Awalia Asnil had been referred to Mitra Sidoarjo Hospital.

“After being referred to Mitra Keluarga Sidoarjo Hospital, the pilot was declared dead,” said Acub.

Quoted by Gridhot from Fotokita, before he died while on duty, Captain Boy Awalia, a Citilink Indonesia pilot, gave a final message to his children.

Photos of his figure continue to be mourned by family and friends on social media.

Boy Awalia had two sons. He is divorced from his wife, Widiastuti.

Boy’s divorce was determined by the Tangerang Tigaraksa Religious Court on July 18, 2016.

Boy Awalia likes to share photos of his little family through his Facebook account. He is always diligent in uploading photos of his two sons who continue to grow healthily. He said, since the divorce, the children chose to live with him.

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