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Boutross Munene: Runs Girl Leaks Popular Musician’s Photo For Underpaying Her

A popular Kenyan artiste, ’s nvde photos have been leaked by a runs girl whom he took home for the night.

Local media reports that the singer met her at a club in Mobasa and had a one night stand with her and when it was time to leave he paid her 4,000KSh.

But she was dissatisfied with the amount Boutross paid so she decided to leak the photo of him she took while he was fast asleep.

When an image of him lying on the bed without any clothes on surfaced with the girl smiling by his side, fans said it was proof of the need for celebrities to be more careful.

Kenyan artiste, Boutross Munene’s

@Nelson58369805; I have a ask,how do you sleep nked in the house,with a stranger and fall asleep as if you’re drugged? Stranger hata unafaa kulala kweli 🤷🏼‍♂️

@Kennaspace; This is a very pathetic way to make money

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