Bloggers! Join Fomo Advertising And Earn $6 To $10 Per A Thousand Impression

For quite some time, I had really shied away from running ads on my blog. While I always knew it could be a wonderful way to make extra income, I was never a fan of how many of them seemed to overtake the blog content.

I personally never wanted my site to appear as though it was just an ad grab, so I have been very particular about what ads I run and how they make my site look.

Getting Started With Fomo Ads

Recently, I began working closely with a new ad agency for bloggers by the name of Fomo. Fomo ads are strikingly different than any other company I have seen, and I fell in love with their business model and their visual appeal for my site. After using them for some time, and being in direct contact with the owner of the company, I can say with the strongest of confidences that I highly recommend Fomo Ads to any blogger looking to make some extra income.

Getting started with Fomo ads is super simple. You just have to sign up, and insert a small code into your site and you are good to go! It is really so much easier than other ad networks that I have tried.

Minimum Page Views

One of the first questions I get when I start recommending Fomo ads , is if there is a minimum page view requirement. The answer to that is NO! Anyone can sign up and become a Fomo publisher regardless of how few or how many page views your blog has. This is excellent, especially for new bloggers. Many of the more popular networks require high sessions or page views, and they are simply out of reach for most new bloggers. While there are networks like Google Ad Sense that have no minimum as well, they typically are not as visually appealing and can be rather annoying to get set up.

Fomo Ads Payout

Fomo Publishers get paid every month on the first. Payment is made via PayPal and it is automatic. My favorite part is that there is no minimum earning threshold you have to meet prior to getting paid. You will get paid every month regardless of the amount. Again, this makes Fomo perfect for new bloggers. No more waiting to meet a threshold and wondering when you will get your payment. Even a small amount can be a big help for a lot of new bloggers.

Fomo also has a really generous payment setup. Their CPM seems to be quite a bit higher than Google. Meaning you get paid more per impression. Earnings are based in a combination of impressions as well as clicks on the ads.

Why You Need Fomo

If you haven’t guessed by now, I really love Fomo. The ads make me extra money every month, they are not visually offensive, and the company is extremely easy to work with. So if you are a blogger, no matter your size or experience, I would highly recommend trying out Fomo Ads. There is no risk, and high reward!

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