Blessing CEO: A Woman’s Sole Job in Life is to Chop Your Money

Controversial therapist, Blessing CEO lectures men as she explains why it is a woman’s responsibility to eat the money that they toiled hard to make.

The Ebonyi-born influencer took to her Instagram page to lambast men who always berate women for being after men’s money.

She said that it is usually upsetting for her because a lot of times, it is those group of upcoming hustlers that always complain about how women are after their money.

Blessing CEO recalled that back in the days, women didn’t use to work, and it was the sole responsibility of the man to provide for the family, and it had only been in recent times that men began to receive support from their women.

Read some reactions to this:

fathom_hit said: “VeryDAFTwoman🧘‍♂️🙏”

stone_dxb said: “One thing about blessing CEO is she says a lot of things to end up saying nothing 🤦🏿‍♂️”

ozonnamani wrote: “Dear Ladies, Don’t build with any man. Look for a billionaire like your father 🙏🏽”

jendanz said: “VDM work don dey ohh … tomorrow morning set ring light sharp sharp😂”

d_realsolz wrote; “Na who release Blessing CEO for wherever dem carry her go then I blame. 😂”

Watch the video below:

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