Bishop Oyedepo Under Fire From Housewives

Revered General Overseer of Faith Tabernacle (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, apparently never envisage the barrage of rejections and disapprovals from the women folk, when he said that house wives can only enjoy fruitful marriage if they remained unconditionally submissive to their spouses.

But the fiery servant of God, who tried to give teeth to the word of God as recorded in the book of Ephesians 5:22, appears to have bitten more than he could chew.

Not even the thousands of loyal house wives who attend his megachurch are enough to stop equally knowledgeable Nigerian women on instagram, who are determined to showcase their scriptural insight and return fire for fire against Bishop Oyedepo’s charge that women must remain submissive to their husbands if they wanted a fruitful marriage.

Their grouse is that Bishop Oyedepo wrote on Instagram saying: “The only way to a fruitful marriage is total submission on the part of a wife. Until it is in place, every other thing she tries to do will be out of place.

“A woman who refuses to submit to her husband is disobeying God. As a woman, you might even be a minister of the gospel, and you husband is not, the word of God still says submit yourself to him. A submissive woman is precious in the eyes of her husband -Ephesians 5:22.” Lots of women found his counsel offensive.

They are insisting that submissiveness should come from both husband and wife, not from the wife alone.

One of the respondents simply identified as eselicious wrote; ” I disagree with this. What happens if she marries a man like Nabal as in the case of Abigael and Nabal in 1Samue 25? I doubt if total submission will work in that kind of situation. In a marriage, it takes two for it to work.”

As for Sweet ambitious 40, another commentator on Instagram: “For marriage to work, submission is a two way street. The Bible also says for the husband to also submit.”

Invariably, Dikes_offspring wrote; “In a situation where husband tells wife to either choose between worshiping God or follow him to worship idol, should the woman denounce God and join him in worshiping idol as a way of being submissive?”

“Sir I respect you a lot, but I will only add that it is not only total submission from the wife that makes marriage to work. Why not emphasise on the part Christ said that men should love their wives as Christ loved the church?

It is totally wrong to Hong the success of a marriage only on the wife. It takes two to make a successful marriage, it’s high time we start preaching that, “dopestfairy wrote.

Shirley Oghale wrote added: “Submission comes with love, if you love and being loved back in return submission becomes easy. We pray we end up with who we love.”

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