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Bill Russell Cause of Death: How Did Bill Russell Die? REVEALED

Information reaching Ngnews247, The Hall of Famer Bill Russell, the cornerstone of the Boston Celtics dynasty that won 11 titles total and eight consecutive championships, passed away on Sunday, At the age of 88.

What Happened to Bill Russell?

According to a message on social media, Russell passed away “peacefully” with his wife, Jeannine, at his side. The announcement stated that details on his memorial service would shortly be released.

The statement reads,

It is with a very heavy heart we would like to pass along to all of Bill’s friends, fans, & followers:

Bill Russell, the most prolific winner in American sports history, passed away peacefully today at age 88, with his wife, Jeannine, by his side. Arrangements for his memorial service will be announced soon.

Bill’s two state championships in high school offered a glimmer of the incomparable run of pure team accomplishment to come: twice an NCAA champion; captain of a gold-medal-winning US Olympic team; 11 times an NBA champion, and at the helm for two NBA championships as the first black head coach of any North American professional sports team.

Along the way, Bill earned a string of individual awards that stands unprecedented as it went unmentioned by him. In 2009, the award for the NBA Finals most valuable player was renamed after twotime Hall of Famer as the “Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award”

But for all the winning, Bill’s understanding of the struggle is what illuminated his life. From boycotting a 1961 exhibition game to unmask too-long-tolerated discrimination, to leading Mississippi’s first integrated basketball camp in the combustible wake of Medgar Evans’ assassination, to decades of activism ultimately recognized by his receipt of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2010, Bill called out injustice with an unforgiving candor that he intended would disrupt the status quo, and with a powerful example that, though never his humble intention, will forever inspire teamwork, selflessness and thoughtful change.

Bill’s wife, Jeannine, and his many friends and family thank you for keeping Bill in your prayers. Perhaps you’ll relive one or two of the golden moments he gave us, or recall his trademark laugh as he delighted in explaining the real story behind how those moments unfolded. And we hope each of us can find a new way to act or speak up with Bill’s uncompromising, dignified and always constructive commitment to principle. That would be one last, and lasting, win for our beloved TheBillRussell

Bill Russell Cause of Death

How Did Bill Russell Die?

According to the family members on Twitter Bill Russell died peacefully at his home and had no medical condition before his death. Updates on the memorial service will shortly be released.

Bill Russell Hospitalization for Dehydration

According to TMZ, Bill Russell, an NBA Hall of Famer, was being treated for what appear to be cardiac problems in a hospital in Washington state.

84-year-old Celtics veteran Bill Russell was taken to a local hospital in an ambulance after an ambulance was called to his house in the Seattle area on Friday night, according to law enforcement sources.

According to reports, Bill was experiencing cardiac problems and breathing difficulties and was treated in the hospital.

According to Russell’s representative, he was admitted to the hospital due to dehydration. They anticipate him to check out within one day despite being kept overnight for observation.

Russell only answered by joking that his wife loves to remind him that he doesn’t drink enough and says he was sent to the hospital last night for dehydration. He claims to be headed home.

Also jokingly, Bill said that he had no heart problems since “my pals know I don’t have the heart to give me trouble.”

Last Year,

Bill Russell Cause of Death

A post on social media stated that Russell died “peacefully” with his wife Jeannine at his side. The statement stated that information about his memorial ceremony will be made available shortly. According to the statement, the NBA icon passed away from natural causes.

He had no medical conditions before and once the legend himself said, “my pals know I don’t have the heart to give me trouble.”

We have been trying to reach out the Jeannine and other Bill Russell family members for comment. We will update this post once information is available. (Ngnews247)

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