Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 7 Voting Poll | BBTitans Results & Percentage

Week Seven Voting Poll & Nomination Results in BBTitans 2023 Online | BBTitans Week 7 Voting Poll & Nomination Results 2023 | BBTitans 2023 Week 7 Voting Poll | Voting Poll & Nomination Results for Week 7 in BBTitans 2023

It’s another voting week in the BBTitans 2023 show on the online poll in Week Seven (7) for housemates up for possible eviction.

Week 7 Voting Poll & Nomination Results | This Week Poll | Week 7 Poll | BBTitans Week 7 Poll | Online Poll Week 7

Only the Head of the House is safe from possible eviction in the reality TV show weekly in the Ziyakhala Wahala season.

Veto Power

After the nomination process, the head of winners of the house was asked to use their veto power to save a couple of housemates and replace them with another.

Nomination Result for Week 7 in BBTitans 2023

Below are the housemates nominated during tonight’s live nomination show in BBTitans 2023.

1 Nelisa & Yemi Cregx – (Yelisa) Juiovla & Juvone
2 Tsatsii & Ebubu – (Royals) Juvone & Khosicle
3 Khosi & Miracle – (Khosicle) Juiovla & Kaniva
4 Olivia & Juicy Jay – (Juiovla) Blaqleng & Yelisa
5 Ipeleng & Blaqboi – (Blaqleng) Juiovla & Yelisa
6 Blue Avia & Kanaga Jnr – (Kaniva) Juiovla & Khosicle
7 Yvonne & Justin – (Juvone) Khosicle & Yelisa
8 Nana & Thabang – (Thabana) Kaniva & Yelisa

BBTitans Eviction Result For Week 7

1 Juvone 2
2 Juiovla 4
3 Khosicle 3
4 Yelisa 4
5 Kaniva 2

Voting Poll Result for Week 7 in BBTitans 2023

You can vote for your favorite house mate for eviction below

The poll has closed!

You can vote up to 100 times, click vote again to continue voting, or leave a comment below if you have any issues or discussion.

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