Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 4 Voting Poll | BBTitans Results & Percentage

Week 4 online poll | Week four poll for housemate | Week 4 voting poll | Week 4 poll | BBTitans online poll Week 4 | Big Brother Titans Voting Poll Week 4.

Welcome to the weekly voting poll in he Big Brother Titans 2023. Here you can vote for your favourite housemate in week.

All housemates are up again in the week four poll with possible eviction of at least one housemate during the live eviction show.

Week 4 Voting Poll Online

Here come the voting week in the Big Brother Titans 2023 Ziyakhala Wahala show on the online poll in Week four (4) for housemates in the reality show.

This is the week 4 poll of the Big Brother Titans reality TV show 2023 only seven housemates would be voted in this week’s polls.

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  1. I wonder why the camera man is only interested in following certain housemates all the time leaving out those that are more interesting entertaining please camera man stop being biased show us more of Blue Aiva Thabang Yvonne Yemi Juicy Jay and Kanaga Jnr some of the viewers like me enjoy watching them 24/7.

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