Bestie drama as Anita Joseph and Uche Ogbodo clash over Nasty Blaq

Nollywood actresses and best friends, Anita Joseph and Uche Ogbodo are currently at war over their disagreement on a false rape allegation.

Just a day after Uche Ogbodo blasted and ridiculed Comedian and skit maker, Nasty Blaq, Anita Joseph is singing his praises.

Taking to her Instagram story, the wife of MC Fish hailed him for his funny, creative, and educative skits.

Sharing his skits on her story, she gave him his flowers as she stated that she loves his skit as he is too blessed.

“Nasty but why. Love it, the guy is blessed Abeg, come take your flowers.

Omg this one off me.

You even dance Shakira Awilo”.

Uche Ogbodo slammed Nasty Blaq

Recall that on Friday, Uche Ogbodo had replied to Nasty Blaq for chastising her over her insensitive comment on a false rape allegation.

Nasty Blaq had thrashed Uche Ogbodo over stand on a wrong rape allegation, claiming the actress was chasing clout with her words.

Nasty Blaq wrote: Uche try and have sense. Cloutina rest.

Taking to her Instagram page, Uche Ogbodo questioned if Nasty Blaq thought he was in the same IQ frequency as her.

Calling him a ‘stup!d’ and an ‘idiot’, she stated that it isn’t his fault as social media has given him a platform to disrespect her.

Taking swipe at his career, she claimed that his skits aren’t funny or educational.

The Genesis of the Disagreement

Anita Joseph and Uche Ogbodo had gone into a public spat after they later left an insensitive comment about the victim of a false rape allegation.

A man identified as Richard Osita raised an alarm last weekend, when he called out a young lady identified as Bella Nwoko, for attempting to falsely accuse him of rape.

The man slammed the police force for not reportedly taking his complaint seriously, and he shared the video of his ex apologizing for falsely accusing him of rape.

In reaction to the accusation, Uche Ogbodo slammed the man for holding on to grudges after the lady had apologized and asked him to relax with his vindictive approach because the lady only threatened and did not carry out her action.

This prompted her colleague including Mary Remmy Njoku, Uche Maduagwu, and others to go against her online.

Uche Ogbodo made a video and addressed her colleagues who attacked her for supporting the lady.

The actress claimed Richard Osita did not present any evidence to support his claims and he is only ranting online for attention.

The video stirred reactions from Anita Joseph, who believed the lady should be punished for the wrong accusation and threats against her friend.

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