Best Ways To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back

Learn the best tricks to make a girl want you back desperately in her life. These tips use text and female psychology to get this girl back to you quickly.

The idea to make your ex girlfriend want you back can be a challenging task and particularly when your breakup was nasty. Despite of this you still love her and want to give a try to bring her back then it is important that you make an attempt to restore the lost love by becoming the guy she fall in love with. If you want a detailed and more working plan to learn how to make a girl want you back, then read the book which I have mentioned below. However, these tips will also help you a lot to unite you with your ex and make her want you and love you again.


Keep a cool head. Once your relationship ends you will experience an emotional roller coaster and choose to take drastic measures to win her back. You happen to have feelings of pain and abandonment that leads you to play mind games with her. The results of this can be directly opposite to what you want to achieve. Resist the urge to tell her that you found a new girlfriend when you really do not or calling her or texting her multiple times which can harass her mentally and kill your chances to get her back.


This is probably the most essential step to make a girl want you back desperately. Never ever think to make many phone calls or text, instead give her space. I know you’ll be desperate to talk to her, you want answers and you want to beg her to come back to you. Doing this will make you seem needy and desperate and can confirm why she broke up with you in the 1st place. In addition, you do not need to risk saying something that could lead to the worst scenario. As an alternative, do almost the opposite, give your girl some time to believe and not to forget the fantastic elements about you and miss you. Another great advantage of this step is that it will help her to cool and get rid of all the negative feeling towards you.

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Not contacting her will also develop some curiosity in her to know that why haven’t you approached even once after breakup making her feel that you are even happy without her. The curiosity in her will make her think more about you and she will start missing you a lot.


During this period your mind is going to play tricks on you and you may want to listen to it, but stay committed to not to contact her. You should have a friend who knows about No Contact Rule. This way you have a support system; it’s similar to having a sponsor or AA to get through it. And finally, when no contact period is over then slowly get in touch with you ex rather than calling them in one instance. Try bumping into them at some place and then catching up with them like at a social even where you two have to be.


Ask yourself why she broke up with you? I know this may occur as she was angry with you, but there may be a reason and you really need to understand what it really is. Only when you understand the purpose of separation then only you are you able to sympathize with her and start focusing on solutions rather than problems. For those who discover that your behavior and habits were the reason your girlfriend broke up with you, acknowledge your mistakes and begin to address them so that you do not make exactly the same mistakes if you get her back.

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Now after analyzing the breakup although you may have pointed out the reason for your breakup and the blueprint to be back with her, but it is hardly that easy. During the time when you are not contacting her, this is the self improvement time period for you to become an attractive and desired guy for your girl. This improvement should be both from outside and inside which means try a new hairstyle and wear and walk like a hero and internally you must be a much happier and confident person. Well wearing good clothes and a different style won’t get her back, but it will definitely capture her attention. Apart from this you must also take some time and polish your art or any hobbies and try to be more positive around people.


Now before approaching her through text you must make her miss you like crazy and also make her jealous. This will help you to make a girl want you back badly. The very first thing you must do is take some group pictures with your friends including girls and share it on facebook. Make sure you are near the girls and all of them are enjoying in the pic. This simple trick will make her both jealous and miss you. But you need to remember one thing that you must be subtle while performing these tricks and don’t make it obvious that you are doing it for her. With these tricks you will be able to get in her mind and she will not be able to resist thinking about you.

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Now once you spend two-four weeks without talking to her and worked in understanding your mistakes, worked on self improvement and also played some mind games, the time has come to contact her. Select a time which you hope she will be free like at night and just send a simple text like ”hey, how are you? Watching the movie we went together and just remembered you. How you doing?”. Make sure that you end with a question and once she replies have a 5 minutes conversation in which you must not make her feel that you wanting her back in life. Just have a casual conversation for a few minutes and then quit. In this chat you must also not be too sweet and say sorry etc. Just act normal and after a chatting with her 3-5 times, ask her out on a coffee. Ask her out without being oblivious and don’t sound very desperate. Now on this date you must act and sound like the guy she fell in love and must not raise any topic of the breakup at start. Keep your mind cool and talk to her about the breakup in between with a cool head and try to fix up things.


As I told you that a famous dating and relationship specialist has written a book which is a great tutorial to make a girl want you back in her life. With this book you will learn the psychological aspect of girls, text examples, conversation examples and a detailed blueprint to bring your ex girlfriend back. Simply reading this book can triple your chances to get her back and live happily again.

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