Best 4 Qualities in taking Initiative, you need in 2018

For so many the new year plans execution has already been set in motion while many others are still struggling to map out how their 2018 will look like.

In order to have a fulfilled 2018 with the journey which already began today, one key element you need to live a better life is your unrefined ability to take initiative and decide over life issues when issues brings itself forward for you to decide.

Here are four qualities involved in taking initiative:

1. Have a clear vision : You have to be able to see your new world in your mind before you start creating it. Your ability to see your future before it happens, gives you an indomitable ability to achieve success

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2. Push yourself to act: You will remember in science that all objects remain in a state of rest until a force is applied. There is no company, city or nation that built itself. You must also understand that in this life problems do not solve themselves. A beautiful future will not create itself. You will have to push yourself to do whatever must be done to create the kind of future you want. Whether you are afraid or not, just make the move. Only those who make moves make waves, and only those who make waves are those given the front seat in life.

3. Be willing to take risks: Don’t let failure scare you. Not acting is riskier than acting. Not taking a risk is the biggest risk in the world. Do not hesitate. Take the sting out of failure by feeling the fear but acting anyway. Successful people today are good taker of risk.

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4. Step up your ‘failure’ rate: Failure is never failure until you quit trying. You increase your chances of succeeding when you increase the rate at which you try things. The most interesting thing is that, the world will not remember you for the many things you tried that did not work but for the one thing you did that worked. So why quit trying when success is just around the corner.

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To amount to anything great in life friends this 2018, you have to get out of your comfort zone. In the words of famous author, John Mason, “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it.

“Renown Nigerian pastor and success coach, Pastor Sam Adeyemi also said.

“Go out there and take control of the external forces that are on ground and make things work out for you.”

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