A particular Brother visited the marriage committee of his church where he had shown full commitment in one of the major departments. Afterwards, he proposed to a sister and the sister accepted.

The Brother ensured that all other protocols and guidelines laid down by the Church was obeyed to the Letter. They had a glorious wedding; From the wedding night the brother battered, maltreated and abused the sister sexually for days. After a week of the marriage the brother quieted the marriage. When He was asked, why are you quitting this marriage? He said “I married Her Just to dis-virgin and have sex with Her”. What the brother did was to pretend in the church as a worker in other to get the sister and unleash his attack. What a tragedy and wickedness! The heart of a canal man/woman is deceitful and desperately wicked: who can know it? Except the Lord!

There are instances where a lady or a man can be strategically sent from the pit of Hell to a person to destroy the person’s destiny; Just for the person to propose to the sister or the brother will be manipulated spiritually by the whorish/marine spirit that the lady is the will of God; and he or she will keep hearing “go ahead he is the one or she is the one”(satanic manipulations). Beware of too good to be true proposals; don’t be carried away by what you can see. To make a proposal or accept a proposal based on the things you can see is dangerous. For you as a Christian, An Unbeliever is Not an Option At All….. It is only God that can change a man or woman! It is not your Job to do that. Therefore, Never embark on that mission. Also, Never embark on Testing, Testing Mission But Embark on Prayer, Prayer Mission.

Dear Beloved, There are a lot of broken courtships today because of Prayerlessness; courtships that were not meant to start at all in the first place! The agents of darkness are out there to confuse genuine children of God in the area of marriage; Therefore, care must be taken. Divorce is not an option for a Child of God and that is why the scripture says” Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder(Matthew 19:6). Therefore, In the area of prayer you must have a searching spirit; ask God to show you the spirit of the Person, ask God to show you your Future with the person, ask God if you can go ahead and marry the person or not etc. Please ensure you Inquire of the Lord and not your feelings. Everyone look but it is not everyone that can see! Ask God to give you A Seeing Eyes and A Discerning Heart to see and know as He wills. All these can only materialize, if your heart is close to the Lord and You walk with Him in Holiness and Purity without compromise in your Heart.

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By the Power of the Holy Spirit, You will not Miss It maritally, In the Name of Jesus Christ.
Scripture References: 1 Samuel 30:8 ,Jeremiah 17:9, Ephesians 3:20, James 4:8 and Matthew 19:6.

Remain Rapturable And Keep Living daily wit eternity in view thereby walking in d consciousness of d 1. Spirit of God,2. Scriptures

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