BBTitans: Yemi Cregx Finally Reveals Why He Is Flirting With Many Girls In The House

Yemi Cregx and this morning were having a conversation and Yemi finally opened up about why he is playing on Khosi and the other girls in the house. He said he is trying to play safe in the ongoing Big Brother Titan house that’s why he is not willing to get too close to Khosi but yet will not go too far.

From the conversation, it is obvious he is not interested in any of the girls he is messing around within the house. He was talking to Khosi recently and he asked if she likes Miracle OP and then she answered and said, he cares for her then he was like and “I don’t?

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Yemi Cregx has been among almost all the South African female housemates and yet he still demands loyalty from Khosi. two nights ago he was in bed with Khosi when he left and went to meet Blue Aiva, he kissed her and said good night before going back to meet Khosi in bed.

He is trying to play safe in the sense that the fans of the female housemates will come through for him if he is up for eviction. Yemi Cregx told that he knows Khosi wants to have him all to herself and that’s why she always wants him around and that is something he dose not want for himself as it will spoil his game plan.

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