BBTitans S1: Who Is Going To Be The Winner of Big Brother Titans?

It’s few days away from the Grand finale of the Very eventful Big Brother Titians show. After many weeks in the house, The winner will be Unveiled on Sunday, April 2nd. made research and will share a prediction of the winning probabilities of the remaining 6 Housemates (Ipeleng, Ebubu, Tsatsii, Khosi, Yvonne and Kanaga).

Here is likely how the result will be called on Sunday:

6. Ipeleng (South Africa)

Ipeleng is a south African contender and one of the favourite Housemate left in the house. She’s very loved by the viewers and Housemates as well. Ipeleng was the first finalist who secured her spot after winning the ultimate veto power. She has 103k followers on Instagram.

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5. Tsatsii (South Africa)

Tsatsii has shown to be a contender for $100,000 grand prize. Her Romance with Kanaga Jnr has got the fans supporting her and she had a very strong pair with Ebubu. Tsatsii has about 138k followers now.

4. Ebubu (Nigeria)

Ebubu is another favourite to win the show. He already made name for himself before the house after appearing in BNXN, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy and other music video. Ebubu is already a big character in the house. He’s currently verified on Instagram with about 148k followers. Ebubu secured a spot in the finale after Ipeleng used her veto power to send him there.

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3. Yvonne (Nigeria)

Yvonne is another contender for the grand prize. She’s one of the Housemate to be introduced and she has been giving content back to back. Her romance with Juicy Jay also helped her Game. She currently has 232k followers.

2. Kanaga Jnr. (Nigeria)

Kanaga Jnr is very loved by fans. He has a strong fan base and he is another big contender for the grand prize. His romance with Tsatsii is Also helping her game. He has 206k followers.

1. Khosi (South Africa)

Khosi is one of the biggest contender of the grand prize. She’s one of the Housemate to be unveiled and she has been giving alot of drama. Her drama with Yemi, miracle, Blue Aiva and Thabang helped her game alot. She has 238k followers now.

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