BBTitans S1: Top 7 Most Favourite Housemates


Yvonne is one of the housemate remaining in the Big Brother Titians House. She is one of the housemate to be introduced and she has been giving content back to back. Her romance with Juicy Jay has also upped her game. She currently has 165k followers.

6. Tsatsii

Tsatsii, the south African lady has shown to be a contender for the $100,000 grand prize. Her romance with Kanaga Jnr has got fans supporting her and she has a very strong pair with Ebubu. Tsatsii has about 98.1k followers now.

5. Blue Aiva

Blue Aiva is one of the housemate that was unveiled During the pool party. She came along with Miracle OP, Sandra(Evicted), Theo Thraw (Evicted). Blue has been trending these days because of the triangle between her, Yemi and Khosi. She’s very good in dancing and has a great vibe. She currently have 150k followers.


Thabang is the youngest in the house and many fans love him because he’s cute and his communication skills are great. He had an interest in Nelisa but the ship is currently shaking following Nelisa’s involvement with Mmeli. He has 159k followers now.

3. Ebubu

Ebubu, the Albino Nigerian Housemate is another favourite to win the show. He has already made name for himself before the house after appearing in BNXN, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy and other music video. Ebubu is also a big character in the house. He’s currently verified on Instagram with 114k followers.

2. Khosi

Khosi, The 25years South African lady is one of the biggest contenders of the grand prize. She’s one of the housemate to be introduced and she has been giving alot of drama. Her drama with Yemi, Miracle and Blue Aiva has been helping her game alot. She has 186k followers now.


1. Kanaga Jnr

Kanaga is very loved by fans. He has a strong fan base and he is another big contender for the prize. His romance with Tsatsii is also helping his game. He has 166k followers now.

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