BBTitans S1: Nigerians Sign Petition To Ban Khosi From Entering Nigeria (Details)

Khosi has provoke some Nigerian women who watch the Big Brother Titians Reality TV Show after she kissed Thabang last night.

Recall, Khosi was shipping with Yemi before his Eviction and also claims to have a boyfriend outside the house.

The petition reads:

Khosi in the show has portrayed sexual immorality, prostitution and infidelity. Allowing such person in our society will endanger our children and the good value we impacted on them. Khosi is a loose woman from South Africa, she has one child out of wedlock and she’s in a four years Relationship with a man she speaks of everyday. She calls every man 1, she has been in a relationship with a cheat and unfaithful. She goes around sleeping with everyone in the show on national TV which is bad influence to the society. And we hereby as Nigerians refuse to let her step foot into our country because she’s harmful to the society”.


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