BBTitans S1: Moment Yemi Sent Kanaga and Nelisa To Spy On Khosi, Thabang and Miracle In The Dressing Room (Video)

Yemi sent and Kanaga to spy on the conversation between Khosi, Thabang and Miracle in the dressing room.

Yemi wasn’t happy when he Spotted Khosi in the dressing room with Thabang and Miracle so he sent his friend Kanaga Jnr and to spy on them for him.

Here’s the video below:


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  1. Stop showing Khosi and talking about her all the time cause it’s spoiling the show she’s not Mpho Wabadinho Mpho was interesting beautiful and full of vibes she wasn’t even after men they’re totally different. Show us housemates with vibes. We want to enjoy the show and not a biased one.

  2. We’re sick and tired of hearing about khosi and that as if there are no other interesting housemates there can’t you see that it’s making the show boring? We want to beautiful faces and people with vibes such as Blue Yvonne and also Kanaga Yemi Miracle that Khosi is forcing herself on Thabang who’s too young for her Thabang likes Tsatsi Olivia and his friend Blue but you don’t want to see the truth. Thabang does not love Khosi know this and know Peace. Blue and Yemi match and they’re more interesting together cause they’re both vibes.

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