BBTitans S1: Khosi Advices Blaqboi To Leave Blue Aiva and Concentrate On Nana (Video)

Khosi and Nana were in the Lounge where Khosi explained to Nana that switched to Blaqboi and will dump him if Yemi want things with her.

Khosi also tried to convince Nana that Blaqboi cared about her and she shouldn’t throw away what they have.

Blaqboi was later called into the conversation and Khosi went on to play the matchmaker as she ask both of them about their issues.

saw them and later she stylishly asked Blaqboi what they were discussing.

Here’s their conversation;

Blaqboi: Khosi asked me how I feel for Nana. I told her I have a cordial Relationship with her. Basically that was what we were discussing on and on.

Blue Aiva: well well, keep going, keep moving.

Khosi was actually advising Blaqboi to focus on Nana that is actually genuine to him.

Here’s the video below;

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