BBTitans S1: Jenni O Almost Leaves Blow On Khosi’s Face, Over Confronting Nana (Video)

Big Brother Titans season 1 Ziyakhala Wahala reality TV show recorded yet another altercation between Housemates on Monday night, hours after Head of House challenge and nomination session.

The fight was between South Africa’s and Nigeria’s Nana and Jenni O, following an unfathomable advice from Nana to her partner Thabang about his closeness to Khosi.

It all started when Khosi was at the kitchen counter speaking to her partner Miracle OP. She overheard Nana talking to Thabang (Nana’s partner) at the lounge, telling Thabang that he should end his friendship with Khosi.

Nana further tells Thabang that it’s because of his closeness with Khosi that they (ThabaNa pair) have always been nominated back to back by fellow Housemates for possible eviction

As the conversation between Nana and Thabang progresses, Khosi who overheard almost everything that Nana said to Thabang angrily walked upstairs. On walking upstairs, Thabang sighted her and followed her immediately.

Then, on seeing that Thabang has followed Khosi upstairs, Nana exclaimed, “Thabang where are you going to? She then told Miracle who was sitting with Khosi before she left for upstairs, to hold her. “Miracle hold your partner”, Nana added.

Immediately, Khosi came downstairs and walked up to Nana to confront her. Khosi grabbed Nana by her hoodie and said, “This is the partner here”.

As Khosi and Nana was about exchanging blows, came from nowhere and stood in support of Nana. And this got Khosi angry, hence her squabble with both Jenni O and Nana.

At the time, House was heated, as Miracle OP rushed to hold his partner Khosi to avoid getting strike, while Mmeli walked in to hold his own partner Jenni O. Thabang wasn’t left out, as he equally protected his partner Nana from fighting further.

In the midst of all the altercation and squabble, Housemates beckoned on the three ladies involved to calm down so as to not invite Biggie’s wrath.

Watch the clip below.


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