BBTitans S1: “I Did Her Dirty”, Housemate Confessed His Actions

It can come as shocking that the BBTitan’s housemates engage in heartbreaking ships intentionally. Matters of the heart are never to be judged from a rational point of view, but it seems whatever is going on in the house is not of the heart but of careful calculation.

It is not normal to intentionally hurt someone except it is a strategy to top headlines from inside the house. They must be aware of how the game works and how controversy sells. This three-dimensional relationship permeates the game, from Khosi, Yemi, Blue and Miracle to Thabang, Tstasili and Kanga jr.

is one of the housemates that got into a ship later than others, he was building something with Sandra and it was very clear she was invested in him. Their ship was sailing smoothly till Saturday night when things went south.

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Nelisa and got engaged in physical intimacy. Nelisa has been called an instigator by housemates and it got fans wondering if this is another case of instigation. If it was, she reached her goal as this was a major trigger for Sandra who almost got into an altercation.

This new BBTitans triangle was cut short by Sandra’s eviction. In a conversation with Thabang and Blue Aiva, Mmeli revealed that he was aware he hurt Sandra. He was reminded of her cause her scent lingered on his bed, in his words, “I did her dirty”.

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