BBTitans S1: Biggie Speaks On The Drama In The House; Reveals What Would Happen To Yemi, Khosi and Blue Aiva

Biggie has finally spoken on the issues that have been eating away at the peace in the house. The fights that they’ve had in the house especially when it involves the females have been centred on guys. has a stronger relationship with the males in the house and that seems to annoy the rest of the female housemates.

During her diary session, expressed how she was feeling about her triangle with Yemi and Khosi. According to her, she nominated Khosicle and her triangle was the reason for putting them up. She revealed she gets jabs from both Yemi’s and Miracle’s partners and therefore doesn’t feel comfortable with them.

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Biggie questioned the dynamics of her relationship with Yemi and why it seems to be causing so much drama. She explained that she doesn’t understand and she thinks the whole beef shouldn’t exist based on her conversation with Yemi.

She reached a consensus with Biggie on the issue. According to Biggie, she ought to have a conversation with Yemi, but since she has no idea if whatever he tells her does not align with what he tells others, Yemi needs to call a family meeting. According to Biggie, a family conversation between all parties involved might create an understanding.

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