BBTitans: Khosi Reveals How She will Dump Yemi Outside The Big Brother House

Big Brother Titan South African housemate Khosi has finally revealed the difference between her and her Nigerian lover Yemi Cregx. she was talking to Kanager Jnr who joined the house recently after he was taken out of the house for treatment of the injury he sustained on his hand.

He returned this morning and as he retired to his bed Khosi came to welcome him back, one talk led to another and then they started talking about their relationship in the house. Kanager Jnr asked her about and if she have any feelings for the guy. She said she likes him but the town of them, can not go into any relationship.

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Kananger Jn then asked her why, and she said she and are kinda related as they are from the same area and community so they cannot be in any form of romantic relationship. He then asked her about Yemi Cregx, she said that even thought they love each other one thing still differentiates them and that is trust.

According to Khosi, she said while Yemi Cregx trust that she will not have any form of relationship with anyone in the house, she does not trust Yemi to do the same. He then asked her if her relationship in the house will end her relationship at home or when she goes out she will not be with Yemi again. She said when she leaves the house she will not continue the relationship with Yemi.

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