BBTitans: Juicy Jay, ‘ The F!ngering Master’, Gives Yvonne Ultimate Pleasure

While many viewers were fast asleep, Juicy Jay and went under the duvet to observe their night-out routine but ended up engaging in some extracurricular bedsheet activities.

This time, the BBtitans Housemates did not just kiss, romance or do anything similar, they engaged in something more interesting and very close to interc0urse.

The camera spotted Juicy Jay’s hands moving under the bedsheets where placed her legs and only one thing came to mind when the pair felt nobody was watching.

But as the saying goes, ‘Big Brother is Always Watching’. It reflected when the expression on Yvonne’s face revealed a priceless pleasure party underneath her thighs, as the ‘fingering master’ played some piano keys while most housemates were already sleeping.

When the image surfaced on various social media platforms, fans went crazy, reacting in a way that the internet was flooded with memories of Daniella and Khalid’s Under-D-Duvet activities that they later denied outside of Big Brother’s house.

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