BBTitans: Jenni O & Olivia Get Rejected Again By Male Housemates

is full of love triangles. The season is yet to have an official ship that is not riddled with a third party. They say three is a crowd; so, what of four or more?

Jenni O, who has locked lips with her friend’s boo in the house, Juicy Jay is part of the love triangle fiasco. She seems to be in a love triangle with Juicy jay and Yvonne. However, today Jenni O accepted her fate. Yesterday, Juicy Jay used the cookie’s task to address the situation subtly. He gifted Yvonne a cookie but not Jenni O.

In today’s diary session, Biggie asked Jenni o about the cookie situation and her valentine. She explained to biggie that she has decided to exclude herself from the love triangle as things were clear now. She also explained that she was friends with Yvonne and, will not want to her.

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Following Jenni O’s confession, Biggie pried Mmeli about his cookie situation. Mmeli had initially forgotten that he had been gifted by Olivia. This revelation caused laughter to burst from the cheery mouths of Jenni Li. It is clear Mmeli considered Olivia’s gesture as unmemorable.

It would make it the second time Olivia has been rejected. She was initially rejected by Thabang, who has failed to kiss her on several occasions.

also failed to gift Olivia a cookie. However, Olivia also did not gift Thabang one.

We wonder what this cookie situation will cause at today’s pool party.

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