BBTitans: Housemate Provokes Kanaga Jnr. To Tears

Ever since Kanaga Jnr. became the HOH, a heavy weight of responsibility has been placed on his shoulder. The first of which was the ‘save and replace’. Save and replace is when the HOH decides to save a housemate and put another up for eviction.

On Monday, as usual, the HOH did as instructed by Biggie. However, this act was met with heavy criticism and disappointment from Marvin. Maya (Marvin & Yaya) was put up in the place of Yelisa (Yemi Cregx and Nelisa).

Marvin was not afraid to hide his disappointment in Kanaga Jnr. for selecting him to be up for eviction. He felt they were close friends and could not hide his feelings of betrayal. Marvin being outspoken, narrated his heartbreak to any available listening ear.

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Kanaga Jnr. fearing that Marvin’s actions will prompt housemates to gang up against him was broken into tears. Although Kanaga Jnr. initally remained resolute in his decision, it is obvious he regrets it entirely.

It took the intervention of to cheer the champ again.

Who do you believe is at fault?

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