BBTitans Eviction: Why Sandra Evicted From Big Brother House Revealed

Sandra and have been evicted from the ongoing Big Brother Titan. It is surprising as the two evicted housemates are among the four housemates that entered the house. Theo came into the house with a relatively negative energy alongside his pair Sandra.

The two were the first two housemates that started a fight in the show. Sandra was the first to engage in a fight before fought with Juicy Jay and then Jenny O.

Theo Traw reacting to his eviction he said he feels he did not relate well with the housemates. He said he tried to mingle with people but every time he tries to start a conversation with a housemate someone else who is has been in the house longer than him will just come and cut the conversation. He attributed his lost to the fact that he did not miggle well with the housemates.

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For Sandra, she said she was engaged in a many fights and she steps on many toes as well. She was asked about her affair with Mmeli and she said legend is legendary. She mentioned names of people who really got on her nerves, she said the fight housemate is Khosi, the second is Nelisa.

Sandra admitted that Olivia was her friend but she had to give her hot when she stepped out of the line. Theo Traw and Sandra who are a pair SanTheo are the first to be evicted from the show as they both had more nominations from the other housemates and their fans out side the house did not help.

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