BBTitans: Biggie’s Plot Twist Gets Yemi Cregx Reveal His True Feelings

Yesterday, Biggie employed a new plot twist that shocked everyone. Biggie instructed the housemates that from now on until further notice, the house will be separated by gender.

Each gender will be required to stay in its corner of the house. Communications of any kind were also prohibited. Biggie further explained that their tasks will be conveyed to the HOHs separately. will head the female side of the house, while, Thabnag heads the male side of the house.

Ever since Biggie instigated this law, couples have found it extremely difficult to stay away from their lovers.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Yemi Cregx was not crying about his time away from Khosi, instead, it was Blue Aiva on his mind.

He complained to about how difficult it is for him to stay away from her. He explained how he was attracted to her body and, even Kanaga Jnr also admitted that Blue was attractive.

What is to hold, when Khosi discovers that her man is yearning to desert her for Blue yet again?

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